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Prior to designing and launching our online teacher climate course; Teaching Climate Change Essentials we did a lot of research and planning. The research showed that teachers wanted to teach about climate change, but did not in the face of specific barriers. Read how we designed a course to overcome these barriers and how teachers responded.

Jessica Clingman is a fifth grade science teacher in Princeton, New Jersey. After reading the report published by the International Panel on Climate Change in August 2021 and with the encouragement of the sustainability coordinator at her school she decided to participate in our climate change education online professional learning: Teaching Climate Change Essentials.

Emelie Traub’s classroom is outdoors. She is the Education Specialist at Cuyamaca Outdoor School in San Diego County, California. Aware of how climate change is affecting the environment and natural world, she wanted to find resources that would enable her to better incorporate climate change into her lessons.