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This course is an online teacher professional development that explores teaching NGSS weather and climate through the lens of extreme weather.

The Teaching Extreme Weather course includes four learning modules, one per week. In each module teachers learn new content, collaborate and engage in peer reviews, and receive feedback from course facilitators. They also determine how best to implement new ideas within their existing curriculum.

The number of hours of facilitated coursework varies each week depending on whether teachers are taking the course for PD hours, CEUs or Graduate Credits. While this teacher professional development does have weekly assignments,  teachers have the flexibility to learn at their own pace. And they can complete the coursework at times that fit their weekly schedule.

Participants will also have the opportunity to join any of the live webinars led by subject experts that are included in our Teaching Climate Change Essentials course, that are taking place during the same timeframe as this course. Webinars include small group work in breakout rooms discussing and synthesizing the content shared by the guest speaker and are a great additional learning resource.

Course Resources

The course provides teachers with information on where to find quality resources for teaching about NGSS weather and climate as well as extreme weather and climate change. We also share the best online platforms for capturing and curating resources.

Subject to Climate

Subject to Climate is a non profit organization that provides K-12 teachers with a curated collection of over 1500 credible, unbiased, and engaging materials on climate change for use in the classroom. Resources are searchable by subject area, grade level and type of resource making it easy to find what you need.

Teaching Extreme Weather Course Syllabus

This teacher PD syllabus comprises of the four learning modules below.

Module 1 | Weather, Climate and Global Warming

Graphic for course module on weather, climate and global warming

In this first module, you will meet your instructors and peers and introduce yourself. You will then compare and contrast weather, climate, global warming and climate change and examine anthropogenic causes.

Module 2 | Climate Change and Extreme Weather

Graphic for course module two teaching extreme weather and climate change

In week two of the course, you will be exposed to the new science of climate attribution and examine the factors that attribute an extreme weather event to climate change.

Module 3 | Extreme Weather in Your Location

Graphic for Local Extreme Weather

In this module you will explore the extreme weather events where you live and what risks are associated with climate change in your local area.

Module 4 | Climate Change Solutions

Teaching Climate Change Solutions Illustration

In module four you will explore solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change and implement a global warming-reducing action in your classroom.

Final Project

The course ends with a summary of what you have learned and a review of the final steps you need to complete in order to receive your PD/CEU certificate or Graduate Credit transcript.